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Polymer Insulator Products

NGK-LOCKE produces full lines of Silicone Polymer Insulators for Suspension (Tension), Line Post (Cantilever) and Station Post applications.  All NGK-LOCKE insulators are one-piece molded up to 21 feet in length with no joints on the housing sheath or at the weather shed interfaces.  The housing is directly vulcanized to the FRP cores during compression molding, which provides superior bonding performance.  The hardware is assembled to the FRP cores using a pressure controlled profiled crimping process that provides long term mechanical performance. 

Suspension (tension) Insulators
- NGK-LOCKE produces Suspension Transmission Insulators electrically rated from 69kV to 769kV, and mechanically rated from 25 KIP to 100 KIP.  Multiple shed profiles are available to provide ideal leakage performance under various environmental and contamination conditions.  A broad range of ANSI and IEC hardware configurations are available.  A range of corona rings is available to combat damaging electrical field stress.  Additional information is available in our Suspension Insulators catalog available on this website. Configure your own Suspension insulator and generate a technical document on our interactive product catalog.

Line Post Insulators
- NGK-LOCKE produces Line Post (LP) insulators in four core sizes for transmission applications in voltage classes up to 500kV.  Hardware configurations following ANSI standards are available, and mounting options include flange ends, multiple configurations of rigid and bendable bases that can be mounted to curved and flat surfaces.  Information about NGK-LOCKE Line Post products can found in our Line Post Catalog, which is available for download on this website.  Configure your own Line Post insulator and generate a technical document on our interactive product catalog.  46 and 69kV NGK-LOCKE line posts are perfect for distribution system hardening; you can find additional information on these products on our Technical Documents page.

Station Post Insulators - NGK-LOCKE produces Station Post Insulators with 2.5" and 3.5" cores for 69 to 345kV applications.  Our stations post insulators are electrically and dimensionally compliant with ANSI C29.9 Technical Reference (TR) Numbers.  NGK-LOCKE polymer station posts are produced to strict dimensional tolerances and provide excellent seismic performance.  Information about our Station Post product line can found in our Station Post Catalog, which is available for download on this website.

Braced Post Assemblies
- A Braced Line Post Assembly (often referred to as a Horizontal-V) consists of a brace (or stay) suspension insulator, a post (or strut) insulator and connecting hardware.  The assembly when connected to vertical surface forms the shape of a ’V’.  When a Braced Line Post Assembly is loaded the brace is in tension, while the Post is in compression providing transverse and longitudinal stability.  Some common Brace Line Post Assemblies can be found in our Braced Post Catalog, which is available for download on this site.  Brace Post Assemblies are often configured to customer needs, a request form available in the catalog and on our Technical Documents page will assist you in gathering the in information necessary for our engineering staff to quote a assembly to suite your needs.