1609 Diamond Springs Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

+1 (757) 460-3649

Our Capabilities

Application Engineering

To ensure optimal performance from our products we offer our customers application specific technical assistance.  We can assist in product specification and/or design custom insulator solutions, including Braced Post and Horizontal Vee assemblies to meet customer requirements.

Engineering Capabilities

Our engineers can conduct 3D FEA Electric Field Modeling to predict electric field stresses on our products before they are installed.  We utilize mechanical FEA modeling to ensure the integrity our our product designs.  NGK-LOCKE also has access to the state of the art NGK High Voltage. (click on this link to see 3D modeling examples)

Technical Support

Upon request we can provide additional information about our products including Interaction Capacity Diagrams, or Combined Loading Charts.  We can dispatch our engineers to provide our customers on site technical support.

Training and Education

We offer our customers training and education opportunities including an annual insulator workshop, which takes place in our manufacturing facility.  We can also dispatch engineers to customer locations to provide technical education on our products.  Certificates of training are offered for all of our training, which many states accept as continuing education hours toward professional license maintenance.

Emergency Response

NGK-LOCKE is committed to expedite insulator shipments for emergency power restoration.  When disaster strikes we can very often produce and ship polymer insulators within 24 hours.