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NGK-LOCKE Porcelain Station Posts

NGK has spent over 100 years in pursuit of both high quality and consistent quality in its porcelain insulators. Its efforts have resulted in over a billion insulators that have been supplied to customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

The high quality porcelain insulators we supply today are the outcome of 100 years of manufacturing experience and an expertise in product development that may only be gained through decades of field experience and testing that continues in the NGK High Voltage Laboratory.

We offer a complete line of station post insulators conforming to ANSI C29.9. We can even custom design post insulators to your specific requirements. We also offer a complete line of solid-core post replacements for your aging cap & pin insulators, offering both pedestal and tapped base versions.

Products received in from NGK OEM Partners are inspected and tested to NGK quality standards.  Only after being deemed "Pass" by our Quality Assurance Department, are products added to our inventory.  Orders for inventoried products may be shipped in as few as three days.