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NGK-Locke, Inc.

A Commitment to Quality

A Commitment to Environment


Environment Vision:


Locke's confidence and passion for the future exists in addressing the needs and expectations of its:


        Customers: Manufacturing environmentally friendly products

        Employees: Providing a safe work environment

        Owners: Compliance with all environmental regulations

        Suppliers: Encouraging environmental responsibility

       Community: Reducing impact on environment


Locke will continue to explore appropriate opportunities to improve processes for minimizing impact on the environment.


Environment Policy:


"Locke Insulators, Inc., a manufacturer of ceramic insulators, is committed to full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements as they apply to the environmental aspects of our activities.


Locke is committed to continual improvement of our processes to reduce waste, prevent pollution and reduce the impact of our operations on the environment"


Environmental Objectives:


        Promote energy conservation

        Promote recycling and waste reduction

        Promote reduction in use of raw materials